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The OOSEM Accelerator training course provided a concentrated dose of methodologies for MBSE practitioners to employ the SysML language and MagicDraw tool set. As an experienced systems engineer going into the course, I understood the what and the why for doing MBSE; this course explicitly answered my questions on the how in order to execute. The course content is delivered in an efficient, unambiguous manner and expands upon the nuances and capabilities of MagicDraw. Exiting this course, my confidence in approaching MBSE projects, irrespective of the potential scale or perceived complexity, was much more absolute. I highly recommend this course! 


 -- Erik R. James, Senior Systems Engineer at UTC Aerospace Systems

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  Already know SysML?


  Ready to apply a step-by-step method   to build system models?




    What you will learn:


  • The roots of the return on investment from practicing MBSE and supporting data 
  • The design activities in the Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM) modeling methodology
  • Creating an effective model structure for partitioning design elements and representing that model structure on SysML package diagrams
  • Capturing stakeholders and their concerns in a SysML model
  • Modeling system use cases and actors with SysML use case diagrams
  • Creating SysML activity diagrams to graphically represent system use case specifications
  • Creating a structural model of a system's domain and representing it on SysML block definition diagrams (BDDs) and internal block diagrams (IBDs)
  • Modeling system requirements and traceability relationships with SysML requirements diagrams, matrices, and tables
  • Creating a structural model of a system's architecture and representing it on SysML BDDs and IBDs
  • Allocating system behaviors to system structures
  • Modeling interfaces and object flow in dynamic and static views of the system
  • Creating SysML state machine diagrams to represent the state-based behavior of system structures
  • The mechanics of operating the MagicDraw SysML modeling tool to create and simulate a system model


     All participants will receive a course completion certificate to                document earned Professional Development Units (PDUs) for                technical certifications.


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   Course Testimonials
The OOSEM Accelerator™ MBSE Methodology Training Course by Delligatti Associates is thoughtfully designed for systems engineering and systems modeling practitioners. It does an excellent job of fusing the OOSEM method with a SysML tool. The model extensions offered with the course provide substantive detail behind the major systems engineering methodologies. Overall it is a great fusion of sound training concepts and detailed hands-on training on OOSEM and SysML.


                   -- Bob Thomas, Principal Member of Technical Staff at Draper Laboratory 


I knew exactly zero UML or SysML at the start of this course, but I have hundreds of hours of object-oriented programming experience. This course was worth my time. This course’s pace and breadth drove fast gains in my knowledge and comfort with SysML and MagicDraw and a pattern of systems engineering compatible with the language and tools of MBSE.

-- Thomas J. Gay, Assoc Eng, Sys Engrg at UTC Aerospace Systems